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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Calvin and Hobbes!

Childhood, please come back to me :)

            Since 1985, these comics have been inspiring and fascinating both children and adults. At first glance, it seems like it is just a regular comedic sequence between well made characters, but Bill Watterson manages to keep that childish exterior and place a deeper meaning into it. Social problems are featured here, with strips focusing on things like discrimination, lack of family values, and addiction to technology(Calvin's TV). Even the fact that Calvin and Hobbes are named after intellectuals(John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes) adds to it. The best part about this, for me, is the relationship between Calvin and his "tiger", Hobbes. Calvin sees Hobbes as an anthropomorphic tiger, which is basically his best friend. No one else sees Hobbes that way though, which gives us readers two different views of not only the tiger, but of life. I think this is a way for us to see realize that children have a happier outlook on life. None of the mundane repetitions that a lot of adults see in life. We need to be more positive and enjoy the little things, just as this boy and his tiger manage to do.

            So, as an avid reader and a fan of the Calvin and Hobbes series, thanks for reminding me of my childhood, if there are any more produced, i would get them and enjoy them just like old times, just like when I was a kid. No question :)


  1. ya, who does not miss the old good days!! :(

  2. always nice to go back to when you were younger sometime +<3 calvin and hobbes +follow