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Monday, 20 June 2011

Ryan Dunn, Rest In Peace.

I know this blog is supposed to cheer people up

but I believe that when a person who made a lot of people laugh through his work dies in a car crash, we need to pay our respects. Mr. Dunn was a mainstay for both the Jackass crew and the CKY crew, though I was never an avid fan of the latter(Didnt really watch Viva La Bam that much). As a regular viewer of Jackass, I saw the abuses he took in order to entertain us, and people may be thinking of how insane this person was, or how he was just a punk doing stunts. I saw someone dedicated to his work, and who was doing something meaningful in his life. So again, rest in peace Ryan Dunn, and thanks for the memories. :)


  1. So sad ;_;. He was a good (and crazy) guy.

  2. When dealing with death, I try to dwell more on the happy memories than the sorrow. Because I know that's what they would want.